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Remember back to when you were a kid, when all you wanted to do was stare at the poster of your dream car or motorcycle on your wall, ride your bike with your friends, and dream about what cool vehicles you would have when you were old enough. You lived for it. You spent your days thinking about it. You were a gearhead to the core.

Of course you grew up, but that passion never wavered. You still feel it every time you throw a leg over your motorcycle, or get behind the wheel of your car or truck. Your adrenaline starts rushing. You long for that feeling of ultimate freedom. You live to hear the roar of the engine, hit the road, and take on the world. You smile, hit the throttle, and tear off toward a new adventure.

I know, I'm a gearhead too. I've been dreaming about, wrenching on, and racing bikes and cars my whole life. It's in my blood. For me, it's more than just an interest, it's a way of life. I even brought my passion into my professional life and years ago opened a custom motorcycle shop where I was able to help my customers' dreams become a reality by building them the bike that they have always wanted. In addition to building bikes and cars, I started creating some t-shirt designs and introduced an apparel line to what we offered at the shop. People really took to it and word began to spread. I got so many requests for it that they convinced me to start offering it to a wider audience. So I created the Rule The Road brand and brought the store online to be able to bring you the same cool designs that really represent what our tight knit group are all about and to allow more gearheads to become a part of the Rule The Road family and grow our message and culture.


We take pride every day in bringing you the coolest apparel in the industry, so you can represent what you're driven and passionate about, whether it’s dealing with the day-to-day hustle, wrenching on your ride, hitting the road, or even just out having a good time hanging out with family and friends. It all reminds us of how we felt when we were that little kid with nothing but a dream and the open road ahead of us.

Go find your freedom. Go show the world. Go Rule The Road!


Rule The Road

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